- Caffé Veronesi

Veronesi snc use only washed and selected coffees, directly imported from the best producing countries (Brasil, India, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Porto Rico, Nicaragua etc.). But this not enough.

The purchase of "raw" coffee.

Veronesi snc before purchasing any lot of coffee take a sample and carry out a rigorous organoleptic control and a cup test to be sure to have a product corresponding to the company high quality standards. When the coffee arrives at the factory a new organoleptic control and cup test are carried out to check that all the lot corresponds to the analysed sample. Only if all corresponds, the coffee is accepted.
After a first selection aimed to eliminate impurities and imperfect coffee beans, the coffee arrives to the toasting machine.

The roasting process.
A combined cooking process is generally defined, with the aim to exalt the aromatic characteristics of some products. During this process coffee loses the 20 % of its weight and increases of 60 % in volume. In Italy the toasting process is very quick, the coffee reaches temperatures of 200- 240 C°, and the cycle lasts between 2 and 22 minutes. At Veronesi snc the toasting process is carried out using old methods, such as drum-roasting equipments and air -(and not water) cooling systems, that still today guarantee the best quality result. During this process the toasting level and the temperatures are electronically controlled but always under the watchful eyes of an expert. Each kind of coffee is toasted separately, as each type requires a different toasting procedure exalting the product best characteristics. The blend is prepared only in a second phase. At Veronesi snc, according to the best traditions, the toasting process is long, 22 min. approx. which are sufficient to develop the 1000 and more flavours contained into a coffee bean and to make therefore the Veronesi’s blends without equals. Then coffee passes from the toasting machine to an electronic bean grader, rejecting bad beans.

The selection.

A fundamental step is the selection, during which a specific machine analyses every single
Coffee bean, removing the imperfect ones. To obtain a cup of express coffee 50/60 coffee beans are needed. A single imperfect bean would damage the coffee taste and aroma . At this point the coffee through aspiration arrives at the stocking silos.

The blends.
From the stocking silos the coffee, through a special machine, is weighed and mixed according to precious recipes deriving from continuous researches aiming to obtain always an excellent product. Veronesi snc produces a variety of blends, from the sweetest and delicate ones , to the stronger and marked ones. Now the coffee is ready for packing.

The Coffee Veronesi uses modern packaging lines designed to ensure that every product retention time of all the scents and aromicaratteristici.Due lines for coffee beans, packaged in high barrier bags with valve, a line for 3 kg cans, a line to place the ground coffee vacuum, and a line for modified atmosphere packaging of wafers.